2017 | Documentary | 100 min. | a MOON Chang-Yong film | Producer/Co-Director: JEON Jin, Producer: KIM Dong-Bin | Produced by SONAMU FILM in association with PROSUM | Presented by ATNINE FILMS (Korea) and CARGO FILMS

“약속해요 언젠가 돌아와 다시 만나게 될 거라고”

모든 것을 초월한 오직 두 사람의 가장 아름다운 여정

전생을 기억하는 조금 특별한 아홉 살 린포체 ‘앙뚜’
 오직 그를 위해 자신의 모든 것을 헌신한 스승 ‘우르갼’
 몇 번의 겨울을 함께 보내며 삶의 동반자가 된 두 사람은
 이제 새로운 봄을 향한 여정을 떠나기로 결심하는데…
 그곳에서 만난 계절보다 아름다운 이야기가 시작된다!

After a boy discovers that he is the reincarnation of a centuries-old Tibetan monk, his godfather takes him on an epic journey to discover his past in a story of profound faith and unconditional love.

Magnificent…Heartwarming….You don’t have to believe in Padma and Urgain’s religion to believe in them.
— Ken Jawarawski, NY Times
A doc packing much more charm than its esoteric-sounding subject might suggest.
As playfully time-oriented as its title, Becoming Who I Was makes reincarnation a central part of its story about a journey through more than one life.


In northern India’s sparsely populated and mountainous Ladakh region, an impoverished young boy is discovered to be the reincarnation of an esteemed, high-ranking Tibetan monk. Born displaced from his original monastery in Tibet, the boy is denied his rightful place. Amid growing doubts and mounting expectations in the community, the boy and his elderly godfather embark on a gruelling, improbable trek across India to return the young monk-to-be to his rightful monastery before it becomes too late.  

Filmed over eight years, we witness an incredibly intimate bond of friendship between a future religious leader and his godfather, whose devotion and selflessness in care for the boy is truly touching. The film has a stirring and awe-inspiring air of serenity that befits its subject. Striking drone shots use the powerful magnitude of the natural landscape, particularly in the final moments in the snowy mountains The film is an evocative exploration of culture, tradition and identity, Becoming Who I Was artfully captures the universal truths of unconditional love, family bonds and sacrifice.



  • 67th Berlin International Film Festival: 

    • Grand Prix for the Best Feature Film (Generation Kplus)

  • Moscow International Documentary Film Festival: 

    • Grand Prix for the Best Documentary Feature & Best Editing Award

  • 43rd Seattle International Film Festival: 

    • Grand Jury Prize Best Documentary Feature

  • 65th Trento Film Festival: 

    • Winner of Audience Award

  • DMZ International Documentary Film Festival

    • Beautiful New Docs Award 

  • Boulder International Film Festival.

    • Winner for Best Documentary